Zo has the personality that never annoys you. He is not a clingy dog by any means but yet luvs his pets. Extremely social, confident, excellent with children and a very steady stable dog.

He certainly has the capacity to bring out the protection side, but you would never guess that when you first meet him.


2 years




German Shepherd



blacktracks family protection dogs

About Our Dogs

  • Advanced on and off leash obedience
  • Alert on command
  • Guard & Aggression to threat
  • Protect from home invasion
  • Area search of grounds
  • Interior check before entry
  • Stay on command
  • Health certificate from Veterinarian
  • K9 Support program

K9 Support Program

We are more than willing to offer the new owner(s) of our dogs the opportunity to take advantage of our experience as well as expertise of our K9 Support Program either by way of consultation or real live training depending on your needs and situation. All deposits on dogs are non-refundable. We take great pride in our Dogs and are proud to stand by them.