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Why do protection dogs cost so much?

Depending on the company you choose to go with there are a number of reasons why protection dogs cost so much. Several companies choose to import the potential dogs that they want to sell, generally speaking these dogs are imported from European countries that are known to produce dogs of this nature. Protection dogs, police dogs, military dogs and other service dogs. The purchase price, the shipping as well as the time invested can add up quickly, on top of all this the dogs need to be trained before going out to potential clients from obedience to socialization of kids and different environments to the actual protection/bite work training.

All these expenses can add up to a significant dollar value, keeping in mind businesses are in the business of making a profit, all said and done, this gives you a general overview of why the dogs cost so much. One last thing we forgot to mention on the seller’s part are veterinary cost, insurance, food, maintenance and so forth.

The other option for kennels, companies or breeders selling personal protection dogs are to breed their own stock as opposed to importing an adult dog. However, a well-run breeding program is not a cheap undertaking. The housing, breeding, vet bills and time invested into maintaining dogs are very expensive not to mention the rearing and training of the pups purposed for personal protection. This generally takes at least 12 months to produce a dog that fits the correct training for a personal protection dog.

So, in the end when purchasing a personal protection dog/family guardian remember that there are fixed costs associated with a fully trained dog that can not be avoided. Thus, what seems like a really expensive dog may not be as profitable as you once thought.

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