Alarm systems and digital apps serve their purpose and make life easier, convenient and can be a deterrent to an intruder on certain levels, however there are many advantages your protection dog can provide above and beyond a digital system or a gun.

In time of need a dog will come to you, you do not have to go and find it, an image may give you a clear picture of a trespasser but does not have the ability or power to stop a determined man. If you are sleeping, a dog’s senses can alert you to an intruder long before the intruder breaches your home.

If you are looking for real security and a family friendly companion Black Tracks K9 has been training and providing protection dogs for over 43 years.

We can provide fully trained, family friendly protection dogs to citizens of Cambridge as well as the rest of Canada and US.

We offer full support from transition to any other questions you may have or encounter. Black tracks K9 has several support programs, where we can show up in person or you are welcome to come down to our facility.

Please contact Tom @ BlackTracks K9 today at 519-831-8190

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