Who We Are


This is Stryker, her name portrays her attitude and character. She is an extremely intelligent dog that takes to new training exercises in a heartbeat, her intelligence allows her to navigate and process through situations on her own.
Stryker’s obedience goes way beyond training, she is able to read your mind and perform tasks even before you verbalize the thought with exact precision and flawless execution, to date she knows at least 30 commands which is in addition to her nonverbal hand signals.
Her protection work is phenomenal, she has quickly learned to target the ‘Sensitive’ spots on the bite suit in order to inflict and enhance the pain on her target.
Scent work in finding objects or man tracking is relentless, her Hunt (desire) comes from within; she is extremely determined to find what she has been asked to search for.
Her only flaw per say is that she requires an outlet or a challenge to utilize her drives and professional skill set.
Do you have the aptitude, attitude and physical challenges to take on Stryker?
We welcome your inquiries.
Ask to speak with Tom. 519-831-8190