Canine Services

Our security K9 venue consist of;
• Explosives Detection/Vapor Wake Dogs (Airports, Aircrafts, Transportation Hubs, Stadiums, Events)
• Drug Detection Dogs (Prisons, Schools, Business, Private, Vehicles, Zero Tolerance)
• Search and Rescue (Lost and Missing Persons, Building Collapse, Natural Disasters)
• Cadaver dogs (sourcing and identifying human remains)
• Man Trackers (Fugitives and High Risk apprehensions)
• Fish and Wildlife Detection (Anti-Poaching, ammunition, casings, and shells)

Our Multi-Purpose Dog Teams are ready to deploy and engage as a turnkey operation to your existing Business or Private needs. We have a total of 25 dog teams ready to deploy.
Our 500 acre training facilities include scrap yards, warehouses as well as a live firing range.
In addition to the above, Black Tracks K9 offers K9 Training and Consulting Services, offering in class and hands on services to existing K9 units.

blacktracks detection k9