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Mavin- Malinois

Mavin was sold to a very busy household. The teens have friends coming and going all day long. She continues to excel in her duty as home protector and as an added bonus has learned to “Fetch a Beer” for her beloved master

Kujo- Malinois

blacktracks fully trained german shepherd

Mika – German Shepherd

trained german shepherds

Maya – German Shepherd

Sky – German Shepherd

Bella – Malinois

Bella was shipped out of province to an extended family with grandchildren.
Bella takes her babysitting job very seriously. At the cottage she watches the grand children float out onto the lake in their raft. When she thinks they have gone far enough, she dives into the water, takes a hold of the raft and swims the kids back to safety of the beach. This goes on all day!
Forever vigilant

dutch shepherd dog

Tiger – Dutch Shepherd

blacktracks family protection dogs

German Shepherd

Zo – German Shepherd

Family Protection dogs in Canada

Rocky – Malinois

“Our family would like to thank the special folks at Blacktracks K9 for breeding and training the newest member of our family “Rocky”. From the moment we spoke on the phone initially to the months after receiving our young Belgian Malinois we felt comfortable and confident with their process, experience and guidance. We are very careful people who take the time to make the right decision but the decision was easy.

We had done a lot of research in our hunt for a family protection dog previously but only Tom Abraham from Blacktracks K9 took the time needed and provided the information necessary to satisfy our needs. Once we met Tom and family along with his dogs we knew it was the right fit for my wife and I. We were extremely impressed with the capabilities of their malinois. Climbing ladders to the roof top, walking on beams high up, crossing over areas on logs, tracking, protection training and the list goes on.

A sincere thank-you to the Blacktracks K9 team

belgian malinois

Mason – Malinois


blacktracks family protection dogs

Glock – German Shepherd

Scout – German Shepherd