Our dogs can fill several rolls as a family protection dog, one that is good with children and can be taken any where, any time.

Having said that, our dogs are all hand crafted one by one and take approximately any where from one to three years to complete their training. (we generally have dogs on hand, that are ready to go) however If you are looking to purchase a dog from us then we would appreciate some lead time, a minimum deposit of $15,000 is required in order to hold your Dog until delivery.

Our fully trained family protection dogs come standard with the following disciplines;

  • Off Leash obedience
  • Non verbal Hand signals
  • Man Tracking for (missing persons or subject apprehension)
  • Vehicle protection
  • Handler protection
  • Service Dog status, upon request
  • Specific scent detection, upon request (weapons, drugs ect)

Along with this training, we make our dogs part and parcel of our everyday activities from vehicle rides to watching TV. Our dogs are exposed and tested in all areas, including public access and large crowds, ensuring their stability.