Family Protection Dogs

Blacktracks K9 is a Canadian based canine facility that produces and trains family protection dogs for those individuals who are serious about personal protection.

There is a significant difference in temperament between a Police Dog vs a Family Protection/Security Dog in that dogs that are bred and tempered for Law Enforcement are dogs that are very high strung also known as ‘High Drives’, these dogs would not make suitable pets since their High drives (hyper activity) is always channeled towards completing a task such as Drug Search, Tracking, Apprehension and so forth.

On the other hand, true Family Protection dogs are much more laid back, possess the intelligence to complete the same tasks as a Law Enforcement K9 but are genetically much more stable, confident and calm in their demeanor. Another note worth mentioning about dogs that fit this category is in regards to training. Dogs of this caliber are very easily trained since their greatest desire is to please their handler, making training a successful pleasure as opposed to a reward based system.

Having said that, this “type” of dog whether it is a German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois or Dutch Shepherd is very rare and very hard to come by which is a shame since this was the breed’s original foundation and temperament.

BlackTracks has been fortunate to tap into this genetic pool of dogs from yesteryears and produce dogs of this nature and stature. A dog of this nature will not only get along with all members of the family, his devotion, bond and loyalty coupled with his practical skills in Search and Rescue, Tracking, off leash obedience including hand signals and Home Protector make him an unmatched irreplaceable Family Companion.

A file or bio data of all your dogs training from start to finish including pics/videos are kept on file and passed on to you upon delivery.

K9 Support Program – We are more than willing to offer the new owner(s) of our dogs the opportunity to take advantage of our experience as well as expertise of our K9 Support Program either by way of consultation or real live training depending on your needs and situation. All deposits on dogs are non-refundable. We take great pride in our Dogs and are proud to stand by them.

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