In 1975, my parents responded to an ad placed in the Guelph Mercury. ‘German shepherd pups for sale.’

Upon our arrival to a historical barn, we were met with a very lean blue-eyed older gentleman with an obvious heavy German accent. The pups for sale were a product of the two adult German Shepherds which he emigrated to Canada with.
As the pup we purchased grew in size, stature and character, I was able to experience true devotion, faithfulness and friendship from a dog at a very early age in my life. The dog ‘Duke’ was true to his genetic traits and ended up in the hands of the Police K9 unit through circumstances outside of my parents’ control.

Since that time, I have always had Shepherds as family companions, Search Dogs or dogs that I train for various jobs such as Police departments, Fire departments or Scent Dogs.

For the past 22 years as fate would have it, I live on a farm – built in 1865 just two doors down, from that original gentleman and barn where my parents first purchased our original German Shepherd Dog. To date my family- in specific my wife was indoctrinated into the Dog world, and our three boys were born and raised training Shepherd Dogs their entire life.

Dogs have allowed me to experience a whole new world from a child with a best friend, to a K9 Search and Rescue Fire Fighter to a K9 prison program to a full-fledged family business.

Raising and Training a dog is an art, a trade, and a passion of an unseen invisible communication between man and ‘His Best Friend’