Whether its your business or your family we can protect your assets. We have a full spectrum of protection dog program to fit your needs whether commercial or personal.

All of our K9 handlers have been screened and personally selected. We only hire professionals that have the credentials and the experience to deploy their job with certainty. Confidentiality is our top priority. Our dogs have innate capabilities that can be used to customize to your specific needs.


We have the skills,knowledge and the capability to navigate and deploy our dogs to search and find missing persons. Our dogs and handlers are capable of searching open fields, forests, minor or major building collapse including unstable debris.

They have also been cross trained in tracking as well as ‘Article Indication’. We can accurately cover a lot of ground at a quick pace. If your search is time sensitive than we can certainly get you the help that you need.


These Dogs are used at large events such as Sporting events, Outdoor Fairs,Entertainment Parks or wherever people are on the move and in large crowds our dogs can scan up to 140 people per minute while in motion to locate narcotics, weapons, or explosives. A seemingly imperceptible target odor response with on-leash control make the AIRBOURNE DETECTION K9 SERVICE everything law enforcement and security personnel need to effectively search crowded events, transportation hubs (airports, train, subways and bus terminals), as well as city streets. Black Tracks Canine trains each Detection Dog to execute by indicating by trailing on single-purpose narcotics, weapons, or explosives searches and to follow the source of an identified target odor wherever it goes, giving security professionals the time they need to analyze, apprehend and interrogate the threat


Single-Purpose Canines may be used in commercial settings such as warehouse, detention facilities or transportation depots where boxes, cargo or specific areas need to be searched. These dogs are also available for private use in residential homes to detect a specific odor such as narcotics, explosives, weapons or whatever you consider to be a threat in your home.


Having a special event?  Need to ensure the safety and security of all those in attendance? But you don’t have your own canine team?
No problem, BlackTracks K9 can ‘Clear’ the room/area(confirming it to be free of explosives or danger) before, during, and after the event to ensure public safety. Contact our Canine Service Program coordinator for information.


Black Tracks K9 has the experience, knowledge and staff to bring your team up to speed with proven hands on techniques, deployment strategies as well as up to date k9 education. Call us today to discuss group or single rate options for you security needs.

We are a skilled and trusted K9 professional team. If you have an event or venue or an urgent situation that requires the presence of a fully trained K9 team and handlers, our dogs and handlers are ready to deploy.