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Female German Shepherd

Cody’s a dog that if I could clone I would. She’s a Police dog at heart wit the temperament of a perfectly well mannered Family dog. Throw her on the track for the bad guy she’ll put her nose to the ground and go to work. Super friendly with children. Will stop a man in his tracks, her bite work is phenomenal. If you are looking for the happiest dog with a lot of heart in everything that she does, Codi is it.

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Fully Trained Protection Dog

Our Protection Dogs are fully trained and fully prepared to terminate any threat to your family’s personal protection and residential dwelling. A home protection Dog protects you and your family in the event of a break and enter on your private residence. They can even protect your vehicle.
Yet, they are social, family friendly dogs especially towards children, crate trained, and very easy to maintain.

• Elite Family Friendly German Shepherds
• We cover from delivery to maintenance
• Certified Veterinary Health Record
• 6-month Full Warranty

Our dogs possess the following characteristic traits – sociability, confidence, curiosity, a willingness to learn, the ability to adapt to any given situation, along with desire to work. These traits go on to allow our dogs to excel in the fields of not only Law Enforcement, Detector Dogs, Search and Rescue but most importantly Family Protection Dogs.

Even if you are a novice owner or an experienced handler, our dogs make training look easy, adapting to your individual personality. The Dogs undergo our Advanced Training Program making them custom fit as Family Protectors.

  • Advanced Obedience
  • Advanced Tracking
  • Advanced Protection
  • Advanced public access

Specialized custom training is also available upon request. View our recently placed dogs here


Customer Review

Our Experience with Glock
We looked for a protection dog for a couple of reasons. One very strong reason we were reminded of recently was because my two older boys had decided to wonder off into the farm field behind our home, with out letting me know they wanted to go off into the field.

I am a busy mom of four and find that if you just look away for a second the boys can be off on a new adventure that may not always be well thought out. I had sent the two older boys aged 6 and 4 out into our fenced in backyard to play while I switched a load of laundry that was located down stairs over. When I came back upstairs , Glock our dog was barking and was very excited. I looked outside and didn’t see the boys. I asked my 3 year old son who was watching them from inside when I had left to go downstairs where the boys had gone, he had said mommy they are in the field. My heart began to race as I went outside and started calling and looking for the boys. I couldn’t find them . I ran around searching and came back to find Glock barking and excited and wanted out of the fence. I thought ok go .As I opened the fence and said find , he took off into our field. I ran after him , to find he had ran straight to the boys who where about a kilometer and a half behind the house in the tall hay like grass area where they couldn’t hear or see me calling and looking for them. I was relived. As a mom your heart races, and panic sets in with the worst thoughts and feelings as you can not find your children. I was so thankful that Day to have Glock. I was so impressed at how quickly he ran with his nose to the ground right to them.

I have a strong sense of security with Glock around and I am always thankful to have Black tracks available to call when ever I need them. The security you get with a protection dog is far greater than a locked fence could provide.
Kurt and Torrey




Silent Protection


Choosing the right dog

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Depending on the company you choose to go with there are a number of reasons why protection dogs cost so much.

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