Our family protection dogs

Our dogs are the product of using the K9’ natural abilities such as tracking, protecting and bonding instincts and translating these skills into real world practical skills. To date our Dogs have been called upon by Fire Departments, Security Consultants as well as private parties to locate missing persons.

Our natural rustic facilities (farm built in 1865) are conducive to keeping the dogs in touch with their instinctual skills. We take these natural attributes and craft our dogs into disciplines used to negate home invasions, kidnappings, domestic violence as well as human scent work.

The process to create a dog that naturally defends, tracks and bonds is one that cannot be pressed for time.

Our dogs can fill several rolls as a family protection dogs, Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Single purpose, Dual purpose as well as Contract dogs for specific work.

Our fully trained family protection dogs have not only been trained in the specific disciplines mentioned above but more importantly have been raised in an environment conducive to every day living, vehicle rides, crate training, off leash walks, public access, restaurants, university campus, estate properties, including farms and large crowds to ensure their stability.

If you are interested in the availability of a Black Tracks Dog then feel free to speak with Tom.


K9 Support Program – We are more than willing to offer the new owner(s) of our dogs the opportunity to take advantage of our experience as well as expertise of our K9 Support Program either by way of consultation or real live training depending on your needs and situation.