The difference between Dutch shepherd, German shepherd and Malinois

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The differences in these breeds are a result of what we as people have bred into these breeds for a number of different reasons.

All of the above breeds from the early 1940’ were sound dogs with sound temperaments, however as times changed through out history from wars to depressions to stability and economical prosperity, the original purpose for these dogs faded.

Man, however in his quest and longing for canine companionship created new ‘games’ to keep their four-legged friends occupied. These man-made games are what we refer to today as Schutzhund, KNVP, French ring and so forth, the dogs produced for these games are known as Sports dogs.

Then there are another group of dogs, produced by man kind once again known as Show Dogs, these dogs are dogs bred to stand and possess a particular structure in order to obtain maximum points from the judges who are judging them. These dogs in particular are far from their original service to mankind.

The next group of dogs are known as Police dogs, these dogs are so hyper, and toy driven that they would chase their own tail in a kennel all day long. (their training is based on a reward system of a toy or ball, so the higher the desire to chase a ball, the easier to train.) Most of these dogs have such a high prey drive that it could potentially be dangerous to have them around children or anything that moves fast such as a person running, a child on a bike etc. Keep in mind this application works out great for the Police world, but may not be the best application in a family environment.

All of the breeds mentioned in these groups are dogs who were once of very sound mind and were used to work the farm along side the farmer, join in family picnics and be content to curl up by the wood stove at night. Yet these dogs had the ability to Search for lost children, protect the house and farm from intruders and be an all-around asset on the farm in more ways than one, thus the introduction of these dogs to the police and military departments.

If you are looking to purchase a German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd or Malinois, first ask the breeders what their purpose of breeding is and secondly ask yourself, what kind of a temperament are you looking for? This should help you in finding the pet best suited for your needs.

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