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Blacktracks K9 is a Canadian based canine facility that produces and trains family protection dogs for those individuals who are serious about personal protection.

Our family protection dogs are the foundation of our 35-year breeding program and is evidenced in our success. The dog breeds we work with at Blacktracts K9 are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Both breeds are widely recognized for their ability to be trained and their prowess at providing security, making them the best dogs for the job and the ones we work with.

 Each dog is trained with the most effective methods that are not only designed to instill a sense of duty in the dogs, but also ownership and understanding. The personal protection dogs offered by Blacktracks can assess each situation with calmness. They read everything exactly like it is and take the measures necessary to ensure you and your family’s protection. Our dogs are professional, calm, and, most of all, very good at their job.

Our dogs provide the safety and peace of mind in most delicate situations.