BlackTracks Multi-Purpose Canine Team is a private K9 unit certified by Law Enforcement operating in Canada. We are a small company with very large credentials and expertise specific to Dogs and specialized disciplines.

Some of our K9 capabilities are as follows.

  • Explosives Detection Dogs EDDHT(Airports, Aircrafts, Transportation Hubs, Stadiums, Events)
  • Drug Detection Dogs (Prisons, Schools, Business, Private, Vehicles, Zero Tolerance)
  • Search and Rescue (Lost and Missing Persons, Building Collapse, Natural Disasters)
  • Fish and Wildlife Detection (Anti-Poaching)

Our Multi-Purpose Dog Teams are ready to deploy and engage as a turnkey operation to your existing Business or Private needs.

Our Dogs are Trained, Tested, and Evaluated on our 500 acres plus training facilities, placing the Dogs in real world facilities simulating their working environment. This ensures that all dogs are proficient and skilled when deployed to work.

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