Air Cargo K9 Screening

Black Tracks K9 Air Cargo screening Canada

BLACKTRACKS K9 is a Transport Canada Aviation program provider, providing Explosive Detection dogs for cargo screening solutions to the Aviation, Rail & Maritime industry, providing transportation security dogs to the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver, Montreal and beyond.

Implementing our explosive detection dog handler teams as a primary Transport Canada – certified screening method for Aviation, BLACKTRACKS K9 are held to the highest standards in aviation security under the Government of Canada federally regulated program, BLACKTRACKS K9 is one of North America’s largest private K9 security companies to employ Bomb Detection dogs, Cadaver dogs, Law Enforcement dogs, Search and Rescue dogs and other speciality K9’ with over 500 acres of training facility.

Implementing our explosive detection canine teams as a primary Transport Canada approved screening method,along with our certified Law Enforcement Dogs, or our globally certified Search and Rescue (FEMA) Dogs. Our Canines are your official source for private/government contracts.

● K9 cargo screening for all air bound cargo (private or commercial) that needs to be compliant with current aviation laws.
● Certified Law Enforcement Dogs/courses for general purpose, dual purpose or single purpose Dogs
● Certified Search and Rescue Dogs, for missing children to building collapse
● K9 courses, explosives, drugs, SWAT, active shooter-qualified current Law Enforcement Instructors
● K9 expert witness in the courtroom.

BLACKTRACKS K9’s official footprint as a private company gives opportunity to those industries who are interested in using our k9’ and programs be it Government, Commercial or the private industry to achieve their goals.