About BlackTracks K9

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Blacktracks K9 is a Canadian based canine facility that produces and trains family protection dogs for those individuals who are serious about personal protection.

Our dogs are current in today’s market and have been featured on The National News (CBC), K9 Prison Programs as an alternative choice for incarcerated individuals, used in Search and Rescue efforts and assist those suffering with PTSD.

Some of our credentials are as follows:

  • Certified K9 Police Search and Rescue Handler
  • Certified Police Explosives Detection Dog Handler
  • Certified Police Drug Detection Dog Handler
  • Certified Wildlife Detection Dog Handler

Our custom trained family protection dogs are the foundation of our 35-year breeding program and is evidenced in our success. This is why we offer lifetime support to our clientele. The dog breeds we work with at BlackTracks K9 are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

If you purchase a K9 from BlackTracks then you’ve bought a partner who is tried, tested and true.