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Your safety is our business!

About BlackTracks K9

BlackTracks K9 is a Canadian based canine facility that is family owned and operated and run by Professional K9 Handlers.

As a former Fire Fighter specializing in Search and Rescue, my 35 years of K9 expertise are as follows:

  • Certified Explosives Detection K9 Handler
  • Certified Search & Rescue K9 Handler
  • Certified Drug Detection K9 Handler
  • Certified Fish & Wildlife Detection K9 Handler

The dog breeds we work with at BlackTracks K9 are German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

Custom Trained Family Protection Dogs – We have enjoyed placing many solid canine companions into the homes of families and individuals ranging from high profile business executives to busy household with children.

Whatever your lifestyle, we have a dog that would easily integrate into your home front. This is why we offer options such as lifetime support to our clientele.

Commercial Division – This department is exclusively for K9 security contracts. Please click on our K9 Security Services link for further details

What's a BLACKTRACKS K9 Protection Dog ?

Our Protection Dogs are fully trained and fully prepared to terminate any threat to your personal protection. A protection dog protects you and your family in the event of a break and enter on your private residence, your business and can even protect your vehicle. Yet, they are social, family friendly dogs especially towards children, crate trained, and very easy to maintain.

• Elite Family Friendly German Shepherds
• We cover from delivery to maintenance
• Certified Veterinary Health Record
• 6-month Full Warranty

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OVER 40+ years of experience



As a Police K9 Handler we have trained and certified dogs for the US military, Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue teams and most importantly High Profile individuals looking for a highly trained protection dog. There is a distinct difference in the training as well as the personality of dogs destined to be a Protection Dog vs a Police Dog.


With over 40 years of K9 training experience, business owners and private individuals have come to trust us to place the right dog in your home or business. References available upon request.